Merlin takes a holistic approach in addressing our customer’s cybersecurity challenges. We leverage best-of-breed IT technologies and a full complement of professional services — from integration and customization of tools to operations management and administration. We understand each agency is different and that finding the balance between protection, usability and compliance is essential to … LEARN MORE


Merlin provides a wide range of infrastructure management solutions by leveraging best-of-breed technologies and support with the engineering insight to define and implement practical, secure, and scalable enterprise IT. The result is a dynamic data center where technology and capability are merged into an agile IT environment capable of meeting ever-changing needs in a cost-effective manner … LEARN MORE


Enterprise Applications align users with the features and capabilities they need to accomplish their business objectives while leveraging the power of technology. Whether deploying and integrating web or commercial applications, or developing custom solutions, we deliver scalable, high performance systems that improve productivity and the IT experience.  Our software engineering approach … LEARN MORE