Driven by certified Scrum Masters, Merlin’s leveraged Agile Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is founded on the premise that solution development and support is a fluid, ongoing process that continuously updates and improves a solution’s capabilities to … LEARN MORE


Merlin User Experience (UX) Architects skillfully elicit and analyze business and user needs, employing iterative cycles of customer journey mapping, solution storyboarding, and prototyping techniques to drive clarification and gain consensus on the … LEARN MORE


Merlin’s experienced Scrum Masters and Product Owners manage and implement enterprise applications via sprint cycles, which involve sprint planning and feature prioritization, continuous testing, daily scrums, end of sprint demonstrations, and iterative  … LEARN MORE


Integration of an application into a customer’s existing enterprise is handled by Merlin engineers, who thoroughly analyze the “As-Is” and “To-Be” states, incorporate business rules into application configurations, define and build system interfaces, align deployment with … LEARN MORE


Merlin leverages a combination of skilled software engineers and cyber-security experts to provide application security solutions that address the application itself as well as the environment within which the application is deployed, accessed and within which … LEARN MORE


Merlin leads software cloud-readiness efforts for our customers using our dedicated approach to outcomes-driven UX architecture.  By couching cloud decisions in the context of a solid understanding of broader business objectives and longer-term plans … LEARN MORE