Time is money and so are wasted resources.  Businesses today need their IT infrastructure to be optimized in order to produce optimal results. With integrated infrastructure solutions like NetApp/ Cisco Flex Pod and hyper-converged infrastructure management …  LEARN MORE


Building highly available and highly reliable services has traditionally been very expensive to achieve.  It’s not enough to simply have a failover cluster of servers in a data center; you mush also have multiple redundant energy sources …


Optimizing an IT enterprise to meet your business objectives is not just about the tools that you choose to monitor your network and automate your workload.  A robust IT service management framework is absolutely essential to ensure that your staff is aligned to … LEARN MORE


Virtualization and the move to private and public Clouds is well underway. The rapid pace of virtualization within the data center means that IT and security teams must adapt their existing security practices to keep up.  The dynamic and fluid nature of … LEARN MORE


Merlin delivers a reliable IT enterprise infrastructure that eliminates service disruption and data loss while maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. We identify dynamic, emerging technologies to offer cost-effective customized solutions to address our customers’ concerns and … LEARN MORE


Merlin provides a wide range of cloud strategies including migration, colocation, hosting, and private, hybrid, and public cloud options. By leveraging best-of-breed technologies and the engineering insight to define and implement practical, secure … LEARN MORE