Integration of an application into a customer’s existing enterprise is handled by Merlin engineers, who thoroughly analyze the As-is and To-be states, incorporate business rules into application configurations, define and build system interfaces, align deployment with enterprise architectures, and develop data migration plans to effectively transition current operations to the To-be state.  Testing, training and transition activities are defined and delivered as a part of our holistic service delivery. Merlin will drive integration efforts from design through to implementation, fully integrating custom code, COTS and GOTS solutions with existing legacy systems to deliver the most business value to our customers.

To ensure a smooth transition of newly integrated application(s) into a production enterprise, our delivery team executes the transition plan, complete with customized training and the granting of access across user groups.  Ongoing maintenance and monitoring activities focus on keeping the newly integrated application in alignment with its architectural reference standards, focusing on the integration points between the application and the many systems with which it interacts.  It is in the successful integration that an application moves from a tool to a solution for our customers.