The internet of things (IoT) is becoming a hugely disruptive technological innovation, revolutionizing the way we interact with, gather data from, and automate the world around us. It is estimated that more than 50 billion connected devices will be in circulation by 2020.  And that equates to 50 billion end points which could be breached, with consequences ranging from the loss of confidential data to physically harmful acts such as compromised medical equipment, driverless vehicles, or power plant systems.

Merlin offers strategies and solutions to make the IoT revolution a safe revolution for your enterprise and your data. Our IoT security approach is an end-to-end proposition, covering the connected devices, the data that they transmit, the network they connect to, the cloud in which data analysis is performed, and the mobile apps or computers which allow the user to control the device. We offer a full suite of solutions to ensure the security of your IoT network.

  • Network Surveillance through our partnership with Forescout, leveraging the CounterAct solution to provide agentless discovery and surveillance of all end points on your network, regardless of the type of device.
  • Data Encryption and Data Sovereignty through our partnership with Hytrust, leveraging their solutions to provide military grade encryption to your IoT data in transit and at rest in the cloud.
  • Role Based Access Control, also through our partnership with Hytrust, ensuring that those accessing your IoT data in the cloud are privileged to do so by role, and are limited to only the data that they need to access.
  • Multifactor Authentication to ensure that those accessing your network from a connected device are properly and thoroughly authenticated.
  • Derived Credentialing to ensure that on-network mobile devices are compliant with HSPD12 security directives.
  • SOC and PSOC Services, bringing together the monitoring and safeguarding of information technology and operational technology in one unified framework.