Practical Attack Demonstrated Against Deprecated Cryptographic Hash
"We have broken SHA-1 in practice," wrote a group of researchers from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica research center in Amsterdam and Google on Feb. 23. A research paper from CWI's Marc Stevens and Pierre Karpman and Google's Ange Albertini, Elie Bursztein and Yarik Markov says the group's so-called "SHAttered attack" can be used to compromise anything that relies on SHA-1 ... LEARN MORE
Chris Pierson of Viewpost on Outlook for 2017
Chris Pierson of Viewpost offers an assessment of the impact the Trump administration could have on cybersecurity in the government and private sectors and sizes up the role of emerging technologies ... LEARN MORE
Lucia Savage, the former and recently resigned chief privacy officer at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at HHS, has been named chief privacy and regulatory officer at Omada Health ... LEARN MORE
ORLANDO – In a joint appearance at HIMSS17 on Thursday, former Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Democratic former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell took part in a lively back-and-forth discussion about the future of the Affordable Care Act, the value of health IT and the prospects for Donald Trump's presidency ... LEARN MORE
At HIMSS17, clinicians get a primer on details of two of the more IT-focused components ... LEARN MORE
The next administrator of the federal government's office for health information technology will need to empathize with a provider community looking for answers and likely will have fewer tools to help them, according to IT experts ... LEARN MORE
Blumberg Capital released findings that reveal 60 percent of Americans believe they have never been a victim of cyber hacking or are unaware if they have. In fact, statistics reveal nearly the opposite is true ...LEARN MORE
Even though D-Link expressly promised that many of its wireless devices had the highest level of security available, the Federal Trade Commission last month filed a lawsuit that alleges otherwise ...LEARN MORE