As more and more traditionally slower-moving industries start to move their resources to the cloud, an interesting note from Evolve IP: healthcare IT professionals believe their data is safer in the cloud than on-premises when faced with a hardware issue or environmental disaster ...LEARN MORE
With health care stalled on Capitol Hill, the pressure now shifts to President Trump and new Health and Human Services Secretary Thomas Price, who will have to manage a law Republicans say is failing on its own — without giving Democrats more ammunition to say it was the GOP that killed it ...LEARN MORE
For agencies to achieve the data center of tomorrow, they must first understand the data that they have today, according to industry experts speaking at MeriTalk’s Data Center Brainstorm on Thursday ...LEARN MORE
The deadline for Federal agencies to close all of their data centers by 2018 will probably be extended for an unspecified amount of time, according to Dave Powner, director of IT issues at the Government Accountability Office ...LEARN MORE
OPSWAT today announced the release of Metadefender Threat Intelligence Feeds, a blacklist of malware signatures for the most widespread threats ...LEARN MORE
Russian intelligence officials hired renowned cybercriminals to do their bidding in massive hacks that compromised Yahoo, Gmail, and other email accounts of millions of people in the US, Russia, elsewhere ...LEARN MORE
HTTPS and DNSSEC not used across the board on agency websites despite federal requirements to do so.

The majority of federal agency websites fail to meet basic standards for security as well as for speed and mobile-friendliness ...LEARN MORE