Patient Centered Technologies – Improving Outcomes and Reducing Risk

Doctors, providers and administrators all strive for better patient outcomes. Discover how pre-built SmartLists are enabling patients to become more involved in their healthcare and treatment leading to better patient outcomes and experiences. HealthReady is already delivering a 60% reduction in same day surgery cancellations and a 57% decrease in ER visits and re-admissions.

During this recorded webinar, you’ll learn:

  • how patients can be empowered to ‘consume’ healthcare as they do other goods and services;
  • how providers are enabled to help patients follow a personalized care plan leading to better outcomes, reduced risk and increased satisfaction,  and;
  • how patients, through a single source of information, can interact with all their doctors to receive care instructions, ask questions, and securely share information with caregivers.

Event Type : On Demand

Date : Jul 13, 2017 01:00 PM CT

Duration : 55 minutes

Speakers : Brian Wells, Ayesha N. Khalid MD