Virtualization and the move to private and public Clouds is well underway. The rapid pace of virtualization within the data center means that IT and security teams must adapt their existing security practices to keep up.  The dynamic and fluid nature of virtualized environment are what make them valuable, but at the same time expose your enterprise to new risks and security challenges, from compromised hypervisors to inappropriate exposure of data on the VMs themselves. Merlin is a leader in offering innovative and trusted solutions for securing your virtual infrastructure and safeguarding your sensitive data.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your security when you move to the cloud. With Merlin’s approach to secure virtualization, you don’t have to secure virtualization.

Merlin partners with Hytrust to offer cutting edge solutions for security in virtualized and cloud environments. Our approach ensures that your hypervisors are hardened and that VMs run in trusted areas, enabling data sovereignty.  We can also automate your compliance with federal mandates such as FedRAMP, easing your transition to the cloud.

Secure and Confident Cloud Migration
Securing Converged Infrastructures to Achieve Mission Success