Merlin supports Security Operations Centers (SOCs) by providing services that help government agencies:

  • Better utilize security personnel and budget to improve efficiencies of scale and reduce cost
  • Establish a central organization enterprise security POC
  • Deploy scalable security tools that leverage existing resources

Merlin’s comprehensive cybersecurity administration services assist government agencies with:

  • Policy and Planning
  • Disaster Recovery and COOP
  • Operations Management
  • Budget Management
  • Governance & Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Training
  • Integration of new security technologies (Cloud and Mobility)

Our Operational Assurance Program (OAP) works in coordination with agencies to conduct proactive blue-team assessments that validate their technical capabilities (tools and technologies) and operational readiness (people, processes, and security program maturity). The OAP has two functions:

Cybersecurity Capability Validations (CCV) assessments are conducted collaboratively with an agency to assess and validate their implementation of cyber security capabilities required by Federal laws, policies and initiatives.

Cyber Hygiene activities assess Internet accessible Federal civilian systems for known vulnerabilities and configuration errors. As potential issues are identified CAP works with impacted agencies to proactively mitigate threats and risks to their systems using network mapping, vulnerability scanning, and configuration review and error detection.

HHS Centralized Cybersecurity

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) and Einstein: The Foundation of Federal Civilian Cyberspace

Affordable Risk-based Security by Automating Analysis of Threat Intelligence