Driven by certified Scrum Masters, Merlin’s leveraged Agile Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is founded on the premise that solution development and support is a fluid, ongoing process that continuously updates and improves a solution’s capabilities to meet the evolving needs of our customers, their users, and the maintainers of the system.

  • Agile Principles dictate iterative delivery cycles, customer-driven feature prioritization, continuous testing and frequent customer interactions.
  • Scrum Delivery Frameworks guide complex, flexible processes based on highly structured, team-centric constructs such as daily Scrums, Sprint Planning, Sprint Demos and Retrospectives.
  • Kanban Techniques add efficiency, employing a number of Toyota’s Just-in-Time production activities into each effort.

Merlin’s SDLC Operational Attributes
Merlin’s leveraged Agile SDLC aligns with ISO/IEC 12207 Standards for software development and ensures that stakeholders and end user business objectives are the primary driver for a solution’s capabilities and priorities.  Our approach ensures that customer dollars are spent in an optimal manner by doing the ‘right’ things, in the ‘right’ way, in the ‘right’ order, and in the ‘right’ quantities.