Virtualization and Cloud Solutions from Merlin and Netapp

Why should you be interested in virtualization? Simply put, virtualization enables your organization to accomplish much more while consuming fewer resources. By accomplishing your goals faster, you make your agency more agile. When properly deployed, virtualization can enable new services to be implemented in days or hours instead of months. An efficient data center based on VMware® virtualization can boost IT efficiency, optimize your IT investments, and provide a competitive advantage.  Working with NetApp®, Merlin can help you create and deploy an infrastructure to complement VMware benefits, enabling you to:

Save with the most efficient virtualization solution on the market today
Simplify with tightly integrated tool sets that consolidate and automate infrastructure
Protect applications with streamlined, cost-effective backup and disaster recovery
Grow smart with a unified architecture that enables nondisruptive upgrades and simple add-on enhancements

Virtual Resources. Real Results! Merlin can plan and implement a NetApp solution that lets you turn your virtualized data center into a pool of server, network, and storage resources. Contact us to learn more about how Merlin and NetApp can:

  • Reduce your server and storage virtualization TCO by up to 50%
  • Improve availability and resume data access within minutes after an outage
  • Automate Windows® data and storage management activities to improve productivity by up to 60%

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