The Route to Hybrid Cloud” White Paper Written by 451 Research

Key Report Findings:

  • With proper planning and a structured approach, a hybrid cloud can be a catalyst for digital transformation that delivers on-demand flexibility, provides new capabilities to legacy systems and applications, and supports a responsive and elastic infrastructure that is able to quickly respond to the changing demands of the business.
  • Understanding workloads and their corresponding characteristics is key to making a hybrid cloud model suc­cessful.
  • Finding the right mix for each application, fit for each workload, and overall blend of private cloud, virtual private cloud, public cloud and traditional IT resources is key to creating an optimal hybrid cloud architecture.
  • Organizations must understand the security risks for each cloud platform and the appropriate security con­trols that must be deployed to address those risks.
  • A hybrid cloud architecture comes with a dynamic attack surface – changing as workloads, clouds and services are provisioned and destroyed.