To determine the prognosis for healthcare organizations’ ability to reduce cyber attacks, Ponemon Institute conducted The State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare Organizations in 20181, sponsored by Merlin. We surveyed 627 IT and IT security practitioners in a variety of healthcare organizations that are subject to HIPAA. According to the research, spending on IT increased from an average of $23 million in 2016 to $30 million annually and the average number of cyber attacks each year increased from 11 to 16 ... LEARN MORE
A handful of years ago, the term “cloud computing” was almost as nebulous as the fluffy white things in the sky. Today it’s taken government information technology departments by storm, enabling agencies at the federal, state and local levels to accomplish goals much faster and cheaper than they could have imagined ... LEARN MORE
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By implementing UCF, an agency CISO can pull data together for a universal picture of his agency’s security posture. He can query on virtually any exchange by two or more individuals during a given timeframe ... LEARN MORE
With the proliferation of cloud services and the ever-widening variety of capabilities that have become available, understanding, managing and integrating Cloud-based services into an existing IT infrastructure has become a complex task. Together, Merlin International and NetApp have partnered to provide Federal agencies with Cloud-based solutions that are tailored to their specific agency goals and are optimized to provide services efficiently and seamlessly ... LEARN MORE
By fulfilling a growing need to provide open access to information resources, federal government agencies have reached a key juncture in cybersecurity. Agency IT systems are increasingly sophisticated, with more traffic and types of activity affecting their networks than ever before. While much of this activity may be routine or innocuous, its exponentially rising volume complicates compliance efforts, which are already under pressure from sophisticated cyber attacks. To combat these continuous and complex threats, organizations need efficient solutions that address the new risk environment and compliance frameworks ... LEARN MORE